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Ilian Beslemeshki

Attorney at Law
Tel.: +359 2 937 65 32

Practice areas:
Corporate, Commercial and Competition Law, Public Procurements, Litigation.

Practice notes:
Ilian Beslemeshki graduated from Sofia University, Faculty of Law in 2004 and since the beginning of 2006 is registered with the Sofia Bar Association. He joined the team in 2007. He has been involved in the legal due diligence of Sofiiski imoti and NURTS, in many projects regarding acquisition of real estates and shares in the country of companies belonging to the corporate groups of ENEL, Immofinanz, Faisal Private Bank, Alfred Toepfer (now ADM), Maxam, etc.; a consultant for Energoconsult with regards to three Renewable Energy Projects for more than 100 MW in total; provides legal advices on a daily basis to Roche Bulgaria, Central Depository, Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia, Bulgarian Development Bank, Urban Mobility Centre – Sofia, Maxam Bulgaria, etc. He is the legal representative in commercial (including insolvency) and administrative cases for the aforementioned clients, as well as CD Cargo, Bulgarian River Shipping, EVN, International Asset Bank, Matey Kaziyski, Sopharma Trading and others.