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Vladimir Ivanov

Associated Partner
Tel.:+359 2 937 65 40

Practice areas:
Law of EC, Human Rights, French Law, International Private Law, Competition, Commercial Law, Criminal Law.

Practice notes:
Vladimir has graduated one of the most prestigious universities in France and Europe – La Sorbonne, with specialization in the area of European Business Law and International Economical Law with an emphasize on the international criminal law. In 1997 in Bulgaria he received also Master Degree in Law, since 1999 he is a lawyer at the Sofia Bar, and since 2000 - a lawyer also at the Paris Bar (actually in "omission" because of his practice in Bulgaria). Vladimir’s professional experience prior to joining “Georgiev, Todorov & Co” ’s team includes positions as Head of the Law Department of EC at the Publishing House “Ciela”, Chief Legal Consultant of Program FAR’s project “The compatibility of the state aid with the legislation of the EC”, as well as a lawyer in “Landwell&Partners”, France.

In the scope of his competences, Vladimir represents also our clients before the penalty courts and before the European Court of Human Rights.

French Desk. During his career in “Georgiev, Todorov & Co”, Vladimir has also lead the department “Francophone clients”, the establishment of which aims at meeting the specific needs of French and French speaking clients to be advised and supported in the realization of their activities and projects in Bulgaria. This department advises and supports also Bulgarian companies and natural persons who want to invest or settle in France.

Vladimir is vice President of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, which “Georgiev, Todorov & Co” joined in 2004 with the purpose of active legal support of the French Community in Bulgaria.