Georgiev, Todorov & Co  
Georgiev, Todorov & Co.


Georgiev, Todorov & Co. puts efforts in being a socially responsible firm by supporting disadvantaged members of the society. For instance, the law firm supports the activities of "Give a Book to a Child" Foundation, which organises "School about Work" campaigns every year for adolescents leaving the homes for abandoned children, by helping them fully integrate into society. The law firm also manifests its corporate social responsibility by supporting national students' competitions for scientific papers in the field of legal studies and national contests for resolving cases, not only by funding the prize stock, but also by participating with its lawyers in the contests' committees. We realise our responsibility toward the young colleagues and part of the lawyers in the law firm have started working for us after successfully completing our annual internship programme.

Apart from providing excellent work environment and educational programs for its employees, for years Georgiev, Todorov & Co has also developed an active social responsibility program by helping several children institutions. With money donations and by providing equipment we strive to offer the children in the institutions a better living environment. Some of the institutions we sponsor traditionally are the Home for adolescents with disabilities in the village of “Tri Kladentsi” near Vratsa; the Home for medical and social care for children in the city of Pazardzhik, the home for children without parents “Tanyo Voyvoda” in the town of Asenovgrad, as well as other children institutions across the country.

We focus our efforts in supporting these institutions not just once a year but continuously as we know that the children need our help continuously. Now we can be proud that some of these institutions are thoroughly changed because of what we did and the children have normal existence in an environment close to the family one.

The development of the charity and social activity is set in the company’s policy and strategy as we firmly believe in the principle of the social responsibility and its positive impact on our society.