EU Law

An important element of Georgiev, Todorov & Co.’s practice is the provision of full legal advice in the field of European Union Law. It is an integral part of the legislation of each of the EU member states and occupies an important place in their legal systems. More than 70% of the newly adopted laws are based on EU law, which also determines the enormous importance of its substantive knowledge.

Our team actively consults clients from various industries on issues related to the specifics of contracts, directives and regulations, covered by European Union law.

The successful practice of our expert team in applying EU law to the business environment in Bulgaria, gives our clients a guarantee for the provision of an adequate protection of their rights and legitimate interests with respect to avoiding consequences, arising from a possible cross-section of national legislation with the EU law norms.


Our law firm represents the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC) in proceedings, initiated by the National association of small and medium-sized cable operators for the prohibition of unfair competition. BTC was claimed to be engaged in misleading advertising with regards to provision of HD channels, as well as interactive, satellite and mobile TV but the Commission on Protection of Competition decided that there was no violation of the law.

Consultations and representation in court before the Commission on Protection of Competition (CPC) of NURTS Digital EAD.  The proceedings were initiated by First Digital EAD. The subject is prohibited agreements, decisions and concerted practices, abuse of monopoly or dominant position in relation to the termination of agreement for provision of broadcasting communication services.

Our experts: