Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Law

Georgiev, Todorov & Co. Law Offices has an extensive experience in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical law, and provides legal services to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Our team of experts provides full service legal support to various healthcare institutions by consulting them on corporate and specific regulatory issues. In particular, we provide services for initiation and successful representation in administrative procedures for registration and licensing of medical activities, for recognition of qualifications of foreign specialists to practice the medical profession on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, in applications for concluding contracts for the provision of hospital care along clinical paths, as well as clinical and ambulatory procedures with the health insurance fund, etc.

In the pharmaceutical sector we provide legal support to various companies in relation to production, export, import and trade of pharmaceuticals and active substances and related authorization and notification administrative regimes, as well as on the pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals. Our team advises on the conclusion of contracts for conducting clinical trials with pharmaceuticals by contracting with both authorities and medical establishments.

Our team is recognized by the independent international legal directory Legal 500, which ranks the law firm as a leader in the field of healthcare law.


  • Acibadem City Clinic – our law firm provides legal representation in court of hospitals within the group of Acibadem City Clinic in cases for payment of hospital medical services and medical supplies made over the set monthly values ​​(the so-called limits) against the Health Insurance Fund.
  • Hill Clinic – our legal team provides on-going legal support to the client since the establishment of the hospital in relation to regulatory issues, patients’ rights, on the conclusion of scientific exchange contracts and on the recognition of qualifications of international specialists, etc.
  • On Clinic – our law firm provides on-going legal support of the hospital since its establishment.
  • MBAL Doverie – our legal team represents the hospital in a case against the national insurance fund for payments of hospital medical services above the set limits.
  • MBAL Europe – our law firm appealed an order of the Minister of Health for revoking the hospital’s permission to provide hospital activity and successfully represented the hospital before the Supreme Administrative Court, which at first instance overturned the order as unlawful.
  • Roche Bulgaria – for more than ten years our legal team has provided on-going legal support to Roche Bulgaria – the Bulgarian subsidiary of F. Hoffmann-La Roche, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Recordati S.p.A.Georgiev, Todorov & Co. provided legal assistance to Recordati S.p.A. (an international pharmaceutical group, established in 1926) in relation with an establishment of an establishment procedure of its subsidiary. As the only legal adviser in Bulgaria, we work in a close relation with the whole Recordati Group (Recordati Romania, Recordati Italy, Recordati Ireland, etc.) regarding their overall activity on the Bulgarian market. Furthermore, our law firm provides on-going assistance on drafting contracts for distribution of pharmaceutical products.

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