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The Supreme Administrative Court has confirmed the cancellation of the public consultations in the area of spatial development and organisation of the territory of Sofia municipality provided for by an ordinance of the Sofia City Council.

With its final decision dated 11.12.2019 from administrative case №775/2018, the Supreme Administrative Court confirmed the first instance decision of the Administrative Court of Sofia, which quashed a number of…

The Supreme Administrative Court confirmed the cancellation of the fee of BGN 0, 20/ 1 hour, introduced in 2018, “for the temporary prohibition of entry for vehicles in some streets or parts of them in case of construction works or other private activities”

With its final decision from 10.12.2019 on a complaint submitted by the National Association of Property Developers (NAPD) in administrative case №4067/2019, the Supreme Administrative Court cancelled the fee of BGN 0, 20/…

Sep 17, 2019

Georgiev, Todorov & Co. contributed the Bulgarian chapter of Pharmaceutical Antitrust 2019 in Getting the Deal Through

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For a second consecutive year, Georgiev, Todorov & Co is the exclusive contributor to Getting the Deal Through: Pharmaceutical Antitrust Guide for Bulgaria, published by the prestigious international legal publication Lexology. One of our experts in the healthcare sector – our senior associate Tsvetelina Dimitrova, PhD in Private International Law, is the author of the chapter for the 2019 edition.

The guide contains an overview of the legal framework of 15 separate jurisdictions, as well as a general overview of the regulations in the European Union. Тhe information provided is related to the general regulatory framework in the sector, which defines the pricing and distribution rules for pharmaceutical products, as well as to competition law, which determines the market definition, the establishment of a dominant position, and mergers, in addition to explaining what role do  health authorities and non-governmental organizations play in law enforcement in the sector.

Pharmaceutical Antitrust 2019_Bulgaria_Getting the Deal Through