European Union Law

An important element of Georgiev, Todorov & Co.’s practice is the provision of full legal advice in the field of European Union Law, which is an integral part of the legislation of each of the Member States and occupies an extremely important place in their legal systems.

Our team actively advises clients on issues related to the specifics of contracts, directives and regulations covered by European law.

More than 70% of the newly adopted laws are based on EU law, which also determines the major importance of its substantive knowledge.

The successful practice of our expert team in the field of the European Union law in the business environment in Bulgaria, gives our clients an advantage and guarantees them with an adequate protection of their rights and legitimate interests with respect to avoiding consequences, arising from a possible cross-section of national legislation with the EU law norms.


  • Georgiev, Todorov and Co. defended the rights of the concessionaire of port terminals Burgas East 2 and Burgas West – BMF Port Burgas in an administrative case against the decision of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission under Art. 22 of the Energy Act, which resolves a dispute for connection to the electricity grid. The Court of Justice of the EU in a preliminary ruling upheld the legal reasoning of Georgiev, Todorov and Co. that the direct connection of a consumer to the electricity grid is considered to be based on objective and non-discriminatory considerations if the consumer is connected to a substation according to Directive 2009/72/EC and national law falls within the scope of the transmission system. The final decision of the Supreme Administrative Court is entirely in favor of the customer and confirms the ability of end users to choose which network operator to join of the relevant technical conditions are complied with, which has so far been excluded and is essential for the entire energy market in Bulgaria.
  • Our client METRO Cash & Carry is the world leader in wholesale and the largest company in METRO GROUP, which focuses on business clients – independent entrepreneurs in the small and medium business industry. Georgiev, Todorov & Co. advises the Bulgarian company on a retainer contract on issues related to competition law and consumer protection in the course of their advertising campaigns, as well as on their sales and promotions. Our team recently advised the client on the need for changes in marketing, pricing and labeling of their products during the promotion, as well as on the applicable legal requirements under competition regulations.
  • Our law firm recently represented the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC) in proceedings, initiated by the National Аssociation of Small and Medium-Sized Cable Operators for unfair competition. The subject of the case was claimed engagement in misleading advertising in relation to the provision of various services. The Commission on Protection of Competition (CPC) concluded that there was no violation.
  • Georgiev, Todorov & Co advised NM Genomix regarding an unlawful termination of an agreement for distribution of medical products. The producer has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with another company, which ignores EU regulations by limiting the access of patients to other products and denying their right of a free choice.
  • Consultations and court representation of NURTS Digital before the CPC.  The subject of the case are prohibited agreements, concerted practices, and an abuse of a dominant position in relation to the termination of agreement for provision of communication services.

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