Employment Law

With the experience gained from over 25 years of practice, our team is able to provide tailored legal advice to the client’s business related to human resources and employment relationships, as well as problems related to the social security of employees.

In order to fully protect the interests of our clients, Georgiev, Todorov & Co.Law Offices provides expert legal advice and representation in court, drafts collective and individual employment contracts and consults on statute changes in employment law. Our legal team also advises its clients on dismissal and disciplinary dismissal procedures, as well as on income taxation.

In addition, Georgiev, Todorov & Co.Law Offices offers full legal assistance for visa applications for foreign nationals and settling their legal status in Bulgaria for certain periods of time.

Оur lawyers apply an individual approach based on creative thinking, in-depth knowledge of the issues in the sector, and using the resources needed, to deal with the most complex case in various industries – the automobile, construction,  healthcare, pharmaceutical, software, technology and tоurism.


  • Georgiev, Todorov & Co. Law Offices successfully consulted the Russian company for production and distribution of fuels and natural gas – Gazprom Export, on an employment law issue regarding the termination of employment contracts of some of the company’s employees in Bulgaria. The employment contracts were concluded with a foreign employer for labor, which is being completed in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, which made the issue more complicated.
  • Our law firm advises daily on various employment matters, including compliance with labour and safety regulations, internal employment regulations and dismissals, as well as provides representation in court to a number of clients such as Amdocs Bulgaria; Experian Bulgaria; Roche Bulgaria, Balkantel, Infinity Travel, etc.

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