Public Procurement

The legal framework of the Public Procurement Act has been dynamically evolving in recent years, modified by the European Union (EU) regulations. There is a compliance of Bulgarian legislation with the limitations of the EU directives, as well as with the case-law of The Court of Justice of the European Communities and the lawyers have to constantly inform themselves in order to be up to date with the legal requirements related to public procurement procedures.

The team of Georgiev, Todorov & Co. Law Offices provides excellent legal advice and successful court representation in relation to the accurate interpretation and implementation of the Public Procurement Act and the secondary legislation in the sector.

Our law firm has significant expertise in the field, which is a key factor when providing consultations tailored to the specifics of different industries.


  • Georgiev, Todorov & Co provided legal advice to one of the major European companies in railroad infrastructure – Thales, Austriawhen preparing their bid to participate in a tender by the Bulgarian government in relation to the modernization of the Plovdiv-Burgas railway.
  • Transstroi Burgasprocedural representation against the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, concerning illegal termination of public procurement contracts for the fortification of landfalls on the coast at the amount of approximately BGN 55 million.
  • Our law firm has represented Sopharma Trading in a procedure for unfair competition before the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC). As an authorized distributor of General Electric Healthcare for medical equipment, the client participated in a public tender for Lozenetz Hospital in Sofia. Our team has represented the bidder, who has appealed the decision of the hospital before the CPC.
  • Georgiev, Todorov & Co. has advised the world leader in license plate production, traffic control technologies, and securities – ERICH UTSCH AG. The law firm has consulted the client through the entire public procurement procedure of winning a tender in Bulgaria, including the related competition law issues before all authorities on both local and EU level. ERICH UTSCH AG has won the tender with a decision of the contracting authority. Georgiev, Todorov & Co. has also represented thе client in relation to a complaint filed before the European Commission for violations of the legislation in the sector in Bulgaria.

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