Real Estate & Construction

Georgiev, Todorov & Co. offers first-class legal services in real estate. Our law firm has been ranked as one of the leaders in the sector in the prestigious international publication Legal 500 for a decade, and our key lawyer in the field – Miglena Peneva is recommended for several consecutive years in the two main legal directories: Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to deal with all demanding matters on behalf of investors, developers, corporate occupiers, and other key players in the area. Clients are from various sectors – government, construction, transport, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, finance, etc.

Our team provides a full scope of legal services, including contract drafting (sale and purchase as well as construction agreements, contracts for establishing real rights), due diligence (complex analysis of real rights, ownership, the territorial status of properties, planning of territory), and representation before the institutions. We also undertake work related to acquisitions and disposals, financing, portfolio sales and securitization, and tax mitigation solutions for a group of construction companies and real estate entrepreneurs.


  • Georgiev, Todorov & Co. provides ongoing legal consultancy to one of the most successful real estate companies on the Bulgarian marketAG Capitalregarding the acquisition of properties in Sofia, including in-depth analysis of the ownership rights of the property subjects of acquisition, territorial status and planning provisions under the general plan of Sofia. The law firm is recognized by the company as a “friend of the group”. We recently prepared an in-depth legal analysis of a property in one of the most luxurious districts of Sofia.
  • Our team has been chosen to be the legal advisor of the professional organization of the largest construction entrepreneurs in Bulgaria – National Association of Property Developers (NAPD) and to protect their interests in front of the competent Bulgarian authorities and the state. We provided in-depth analysis for the realization of the public transport infrastructure for the territory of the Sofia Municipality subject to the regulation of the legislation for the past 30 years, as well as provided legal consultancy related to improving the investment process in Bulgaria.
  • The law firm provides court representation of Shalev Investment Group Ltd. in the proceedings initiated by a protest filed by a prosecutor from the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office against the validity of a building permit by the Chief Architect of Sofia Municipality. The legal significance of this case, related to the validity of the building permit, is so important that it led to a legislative change in the Spatial Planning Act. The law introduced a rule that appeals and protests to the court against the enacted building permit do not suspend its effect.
  • Georgiev, Todorov & Co. represents the European Parliament and the European Commission on the purchase of real estate in Sofia. We are consulting them in the field for almost a decade.
  • Assisted Alfred Toepfer International regarding the acquisition of real estate properties for the construction of а port on Danube River.
  • We advised the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company with regards to the sale of the company’s real estate properties and prepared due diligence reports. The total value of the properties was very high.
  • Representing BLD 33 in court proceedings with a high value in relation to a building permit for construction of a complex of buildings, located in the center of Sofia. We have a retainer contract with the client for legal services on various issues in the field.
  • Our team carried out the financial and legal analysis in a big project for one of the largest real estate companies in Bulgaria: “Sofiyski Imoti” which has assets valued at over BGN 550 million.
  • We were the local legal representative of the English investment fund Chelsfield Partners for a large project, involving the construction of a shopping and entertainment center, sports halls, and hotels in the second biggest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv.

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